Self-hosted dashboards

Meet the new standard in modern self-hosted dashboards. Put your data front and center using custom dashboards and interactive widgets.

Dazzling widgets for all your visualization needs

Are you looking for a dashboard solution? Have you stumbled upon many software-as-a-service solutions with a hefty monthly rate that piles up? You want to buy it once, install it, and run it forever. We understand. That is exactly the reason why we built Picovis. For people like you.

Picovis is built with peace of mind in every aspect. We took great stride to make sure it is easy to install, configure, and use. It does not require a server to run, it's just a simple executable.

A powerful approach to visualizing data for your team, or just for you on your own laptop


Build unlimited dashboards

Beautiful widgets

Multiple data sources

Create reminders

Desktop integration


Custom styling and branding


And so much more...

We made Picovis adapt to your needs

Build your dashboards using our easy-to-use no-code designer, or code it yourself from an editor of your choice. You decide.

Supported platforms

Picovis is a native desktop application that runs on Windows, Linux (MacOS is on its way).

We are launching soon
stay tuned

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